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Home Broadband & High Speed Wireless Internet Service

Wipeout internet contracts with Surf Air Wireless!

Faster than DSL and dial up, home broadband from Surf Air Wireless means high speed wireless internet service at a great price! We offer pricing from 1 Mbps up to 15 Mbps - that's fast! Plus there are no contracts to sign! We are so sure you'll be pleased with our performance, we do not require you to sign a contract.

Surf Air Wireless offers high speed fixed wireless internet to customers using the latest wireless radio technology. This hardware typically needs to be installed in line of sight to one of our access point locations. Call today and technicians will be out shortly to discuss installation and to set up high speed wireless internet service in your home.

All home broadband services now include "Surf Burst" which is an extra burst of speed for when you are initially downloading and uploading large files online.

Choose from 5 broadband speeds:

Beachcomber: 1 Mbps
For the casual internet user just "combing" the internet for news, sports, social networking and checking email. Great if you just want to put a toe in the water so to speak.

Wave Rider: 2 Mbps
Let's go surfing! This stronger current is good for users looking to stream music and watch Standard Definition video.

Surf's Up: 4 Mbps
Amped to surf the internet at higher speeds? Ride this internet wave to browse the web, download music, stream video content and use video conferencing services.

Pro Surfer: 6 Mbps
Stoked for more speed? Catch a surge and surf like a professional! This speed is for the heavy internet user who may need to download and upload large files and may have a home office.

Xtreme Surf: 15 Mbps
Tame our most extreme speed available for home - its epic! Users require instant connectivity and may be gamers or host home servers.