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FAQ - Surf Air Wireless Internet Connections

Q. What Is Wireless Internet Access?
A. Wireless Internet access is a form of high speed, or Broadband Internet access, that uses radio frequencies instead of phone or cable lines. Surf Air is providing high speed cost effective solutions for Internet access via wireless, NO PHONE LINES NEEDED! There is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections anymore, with Surf Air's Wireless Internet Service your computer is always online. Using the latest technology from Motorola, Surf Air is the first company to bring cost effective, high speed Internet access to Northwest Indiana and Illinois.

Q. Is Surf Air's Wireless Internet Service effected by weather like satellite TV?
A. Our wireless Internet service doesn't operate via a satellite signal. Our equipment is usually installed within a 15 mile radius of a tower site. This allows our equipment to be able to operate during rain or snow fall.

Q. How fast is Surf Air's Wireless Internet Service?
A. Surf Air can provide a wireless Internet connection which enables the customer to connect at speeds from 1Mbps all the way up to 20Mbps.This allows Surf Air to offer speeds similar and sometimes faster than DSL or cable services.

Q. What type of equipment is needed?
A. The customer will need an outdoor radio mounted typically on the roof, which Surf Air provides and installs. A network cable will then be run to a computer or router. The computer must have an ethernet adapter (network card) installed. Battery backup is also recommended and surge devices should be used with all computers and their various connections. You will also need to have a router/switch (which Surf Air doesn't supply) if you wish to have multiple computers connected to the Internet simultaneously. A wireless router can be purchased at an additional cost.

Q. How many computers can I connect?
A. As many as you want, behind a router. Be aware that all computers connected will share the bandwidth provided to you (i.e., if you had four computers, you would not get 1Mbps on each computer with a 1Mbps service connection).

Q. How do I change my Surf Air email address password?
A. Currently you will have to call us at (888) 247-2283, so that we may change your password over the phone or you must login via our webmail interface in order to change it. Click here for more details.

Q. Why am I not receiving emails that people have sent me?
A. This could be due to a number of reasons. One common reason is that the emails are being spam filtered. Click here to go to the online documentation on how to set up the email spam filter.

Q. I am not able to attach and send certain files successfully using my Surf Air email account.
A. Surf Air reserves the right to block incoming/outgoing messages when certain files are attached. Files with the known extensions are blocked, .exe, .com, .piff, etc. If you are having problems sending an attachment, we recommend that you zip the file before its added as an email attachment.

Q. What is your server information?
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:
Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server: mail.surfairwireless.net

Q. What other services does Surf Air provide besides high speed Wireless Internet?
A. Surf Air provides many other services that you may not be aware of.
We provide commercial broadband, business email hosting, and point to point wireless setups.